Program for the municipal elections in Olivella 2023-2027

50 commitments with Olivella


Open government + Work + Tourism + Education + Equality + Security + Culture + Sport + Coexistence + Housing

We will work to:

  • Promote urban changes to achieve adequate and affordable housing with the aim that young people and the elderly stay in Olivella.
  • Implement a Local Education Plan with a transversal vision, in which youth, sports, culture and community actions by entities and social agents are integrated so we can become a municipality in which education prevails.
  • Expand the scope of programs to fight unwanted loneliness, especially amongst the elderly and those in a situation of dependency, with a preventive approach and a focus on the community.
  • Create a motorhome area to offer a stop and overnight space for short stays.
  • Increase of the number of signposted itineraries incorporating QR codes with information on the characteristics, and points of interest, as well as the time and distance of the routes.
  • Promote sustainable tourism through the valuation of the intangible heritage of “Pedra Seca” and the historical complex of Castell Vell and the church of Sant Pere.
  • Create a program against food waste.
  • Demand the opening of a Paediatric Service in the Olivella CAP.
  • Start an “aging with activity program” that promotes training to improve digital skills as well as offering cultural and leisure activities.
  • Install more surveillance cameras in the facilities, in the accesses of the urbanizations and in the area of the garbage containers.
  • Reinforce the action and prevention protocol in the face of criminal and anti-civic occupations.
  • Provide defibrillators in all the civic centres.
  • Give financial support of the AFA and the El Morsell School Institute to develop the educational project “Traiem la Nostra Bèstia”, and collaboration in the rest of the educational projects.
  • Increase the capacity of the Olivella nursery.
  • Introduce “ciclos formativos” and professional studies connected to the needs of the municipality, to empower support for training and employment in the emerging fields of the social and solidarity economy, as well as the green- blue and circular- economy.
  • Publish a book about Olivella that includes the history, the farmhouses, the paths and landscape and patrimonial singularities.
  • Support cultural, sports, neighbourhood associations….. in the line of training, advice and support with materials and spaces, to continue strengthening and empowering their work.
  • Open a coworking space with the aim of offering a service to people who work from home, promoting synergies between entrepreneurs in the municipality, as well as training, knowledge-sharing, and employment.
  • Open a space for the dogs (pipicán) and launch awareness campaigns for the responsible ownership of animals.
  • Include the Department of Animal Welfare in our city council with the objective to work on the coexistence between people and animals, and in favour of raising awareness of responsible ownership.
  • Review the regulations of accommodation for touristic use (Ordenanza Reguladora de Viviendas de Uso Turístico) to improve the coexistence of visitors and local citizens.
  • Simplify administrative procedures and improve the response time of the City Council.
  • Promote Citizen Participation Councils to encourage debate and collaboration between the City Council, social agents, and citizens.
  • Implement an evaluation and accountability system to rigorously report on government action.
  • Continue a financial policy with a long-term vision, rigorous, stable, responsible, and committed to the needs of the residents of Olivella.


Green municipality + Public space + Facilities + Mobility + Public transport + Climate change

We will work to:

  • Legalize Mas Milà and Plana Novella, and work to furhter improve all other urban developments.
  • Prioritize the necessary work on the water network and continue with the project for the correct usage and saving of water.
  • Prepare a strategic plan to address the deficits of the municipality that includes the analysis of its technical, financial and legal feasibility, and proposes management and financing alternatives. This plan will also include a detailed timetable for completing the necessary actions.
  • Improve the safety of the road ( BV-2111 ) at the access to Mas Milà, with new pedestrian crossings, access to the parking area and the locations of the bus stops, and will furhter continue to increase the safety meassures for the access to all urbanizations.
  • Promote the development of a bike-lane and pedestrian path between Olivella and Sant Pere de Ribes.
  • Create cycling and pedestrian paths, as a pacified road that connects the urbanizations.
  • Design a communal road between Avinguda de Can Turiols and the end of Olivera street which includes facilities, leisure space and road connection.
  • Draft an Urban Improvement Plan for the “Nucleo Antiguo” (Olivella old town).
  • Get the permission from the Barcelona Provincial Council for the use of the Masía de Can Grau as a centre for dissemination, training and activities related to heritage, culture, and nature.
  • Expand the catalogue of farmhouses and other rural constructions incorporating those that are missing.
  • Rehabilitate the Rectory as a centre of popular culture in Olivella.
  • Open the Vinyet Civic Center as a multipurpose space to host courses and workshops related to culture, crafts, and leisure.
  • Adapt the Ganxo Civic Center as a Youth Space with the goal to introduce management of equipment and programming of activities to the young generations.
  • Continue the renovation and expansion of the playgrounds and we will build new ones in areas that currently do not have any.
  • Renovate the sports ground attached to the Municipal Pool.
  • Modernize the Tourist Information Point “La Sala”
  • Further demand the improvement of public transport over all to Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges.
  • Implement the actions planned in the “Plan de Movilidad” (Mobility Plan)
  • Agree to complement the Red Cross service for scheduled transport of people with reduced mobility to be able to participate in social activities, with the local taxi service
  • Tender a new taxi license with adaptation for people with reduced mobility.
  • Create energy communities as a key tool to promote Olivella’s energy transition with the participation of residents, and the City Council.
  • Define the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.
  • Maintain the meticulous forest management that has made us a referent and has received recognition from the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Generalitat Fire Brigade. The priorities will be fire prevention, the bioeconomy, employment, and the creation of a business fabric linked to the green and circular economy, sustainability, and biodiversity.
  • Digitize the access to the clean point and improve the waste management by applying circular economy criteria to increase the rate of recovered recycled materials.
  • Promote more actions to keep the streets of Olivella clean and launch civic campaigns in favour of a respectful use of public space.

Download the local government programme in PDF (Catalan and Spanish)